You’ve reached the webpage of Sara Thorn, author by day, gamer by night, lover of chocolate and books. I write both dark fantasy and contemporary romance, the latter of the sexy, gritty variety. Check out my short story Overtaken (see below) or pop over to the blog for writing news and other musings (anyone else like Intolerable Cruelty?). I’m also on Facebook and Twitter, so if you’re on those, look me up and say “hi”! :-)

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All new stories of punishing extremes and unbearable pleasure…

With historical, contemporary, and futuristic backdrops, this outrageously diverse collection of original stories explores every conceivable variation of BDSM erotica-from knitting circles to the Titanic to a retelling of The Little Mermaid. Featuring all-new stories by Meljean Brook, Jean Johnson, Bettie Sharpe, Jill Myles, Margaret Rowe, Sara Thorn, and more, this book has everything a reader could hope for in an erotic romance.

Check out the list below for links to the talented authors who’ve contributed their stories. In my own story, Overtaken, a young woman pushes her ex-boyfriend–and herself–to come to terms with what it is they both really desire. You can read more about it over on the blog, for example how I got the idea for the story, or a short snippet.

Cameron Belle, Into The Red – An m/m futuristic gladiator story between a med technician and fighter.

Meljean Brook, Rescue Me – Hot, the Meljean Brook way.

Anne Calhoun, Transformed, Transfixed, – Anne is authoring two stories about the same couple. One from his point of view and one from her point of view.

Jessica Clare, Bachelorette Party – A bachelorette’s last fling.

J.K. Coi, Caged – A painful love story where, in the dark, nothing and everything has changed.

Christine D’Abo, Bruised Ego – A man in control finds a release in pain.

Lily Daniels, Kiss of Life – Survivor’s guilt following the Titanic, with a little revenge for spice.

HelenKay Dimon, Just Say Yes – A different kind of boss and secretary story

Delphine Dryden, Safeword – Friends to lovers, one of my favorite tropes!

Shoshanna Evers, The Wooden Pony – Natalie is looking for something to replace cutting which she knows isn’t healthy for her. Something turns out to be someone.

DL Galace, On My Skin – A lost soul finds succor under the tattoo needle.

Edie Harris, Shameless – What if you were in woman in a terrible marriage in a society where you were considered nothing without a man?

Jean Johnson, The Sybil – A femdom story set in a fantasyland where the most powerful warrior in the land lays down his sword for one woman.

Sunny Moraine, Wetwire – “I was free-drifting the night Kim neuroburned me.” Different, unique, fresh is what I thought when I read this short.

Margaret Rowe, Wicked Wedding Night – One virginal but scheming bride plus one Viscount who believes he’s had the decency beaten out of him = a very wicked wedding night.

Sarabeth Scott, Silverhouse – Sometimes being proper all the time can be a pain in and of itself.

Bettie Sharpe, Each Step Sublime – Retelling a fairy tale of the Little Mermaid

A.L. Simonds, Stitch and Bitch – knitting, sk8ers, and some fierce girl on girl action

*Summaries from Dear Author.

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