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Possession in bite-sized morsels

The revisions for Possession are complete, and in the hands of my beta reader! (And that reminds me that I really need to start thinking of an actual title soon…) Anyway, this is my somewhat dark fantasy novel placed in … Continue reading

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Bookworms Valentine

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Looking back at 2015: Favorite books and more

It’s that time of year when you realize that yes, a whole year did pass that quickly! Whew, where did the time go? The answer–at least my answer–is in this post, including the best 8 novels I read this year. … Continue reading

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Top 5 board games for writers

That’s right, a blog post that combines two of my favorite pastimes—board games and fiction writing! Why should you play board games as a writer? Because it’s terribly fun! And you might learn something about writing while you’re at it. … Continue reading

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The big revision puzzle

If there’s anything I know I absolutely need to do when revising a novel, it’s mulling things over. That’s the phase I’m currently in for Possession. (It’s the phase that comes after making long lists of things I want to … Continue reading

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Playing Arkham Horror: Cthugha

The ancient one Cthugha stirs in his slumber, and gates to other worlds pop up all over Arkham, while Cthugha’s fiery presence heats up the city until even moving about is a pain. Rita Young, an athletic student with cultists … Continue reading

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Inventing languages

Learning languages isn’t always the funniest thing in the world, memorizing new words and what not, but creating them is always a blast. (As is knowing languages, once you’ve done that memorizing bit, but I digress…) Lately, I’ve been working … Continue reading

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Bookworms: Out of chocolate

I love it when I find those really engrossing books, like Foxy in this image. 🙂

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Possession first draft complete–and some nerdy writing statistics

Yesterday, I typed the magic words on Possession–“The End”! 🙂 It hasn’t quite sunk in that it’s finished yet, but I’m happy to report that I celebrated with some very nice strawberries, dark chocolate and cookies. Yum! Now, for some … Continue reading

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In my writing cave: Possession at 3/4 mark

I’m currently deep in my writing cave, typing furiously away at Possession. I just hit the 3/4 mark, reaching uncharted territory. (Got to keep the suspense of not knowing the ending while I write the thing. 🙂 ) I hope … Continue reading

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