Before and After the Wedding done… again!

Yes, that’s right, yesterday I finished Before and After the Wedding, my angsty, dark, erotic marriage-in-trouble romance, again! Unlike in the movies where writers seem to type up a perfect draft from scratch, hit “THE END”, and send it off complete to their publisher, I don’t actually know any writer who works like that. Most of us write several drafts, and read through the book multiple times during the final stages–thus “finishing” the book several times.

Image credit: speedfighter

Image credit: speedfighter

Me, I sent the book off to my trusted first readers near the end of October, then took a break to work on the first draft of a yet untitled novel involving a damaged hero with touch issues. As per usual, my brilliant first readers had some excellent feedback, and I started working on making the book even better back in December. And after writing a number of new scenes, moving some existing ones around, and generally clarifying the plot, not to mention copy-editing and proofreading, the novel is now done! Again–and for now. 🙂

I haven’t quite grasped that I’ve finished it, but then it usually takes a day or two for it to sink in. Now it’s just a matter of deciding what to work on next–so many enticing ideas, not to mention projects I’ve already started. Currently that includes another fantasy novel, a very cool book about dual personalities if I do say so myself, the erotic romance I mentioned above with the damaged hero, and another (possibly novella-length?) romance which is sort of, kind of a marriage-in-trouble story, too.

In the meantime, I’m going to catch up a bit on my huge (fortunately electronic) TBR pile!

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7 Responses to Before and After the Wedding done… again!

  1. Congratulations! I love marriage in trouble books. Now take a break and read!

  2. Char Newcomb says:

    How exciting!

    the novel is now done! Again–and for now.

    Ha ha! I know that feeling well.

    Congratulations! *sending virtual dark chocolate your way*

  3. Regina says:

    Okay, now, take a breath and accept that your characters now have a life of their own. Congratulations! And I’m excited to see this published!

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