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Bookworms–from insects to readers

The other day, I had fun making the Bookworms picture on the left, and I got to thinking about the origin of the word bookworm. I’ve always been fascinated with how languages evolve, words changing meaning and spreading, and it … Continue reading

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When I was a kid, I’d sometimes go picking mushrooms with my parents. (Well, I did before I got old enough to really mind the mosquitoes. Die, evil enemies!*) Anyway, the prettiest ones were, of course, never edible. Like this … Continue reading

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Cute=Good, Ugly=Bad, or Evil Kitten takes over the World

Have you ever noticed how in fiction, fluffy and cute creatures tend to be Good, and ugly, scaly, snout-faced ones tend to be Bad? I’m tempted to create the Evil Kitten from Hell: Ah, but it would be too easy–she’d … Continue reading

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