Possession setting breakthrough

Remember last week, I posted about possible settings for Possession, my latest fantasy novel about a dying woman trying to take possession of another guy’s body to survive? Well, the other day I had a breakthrough! A flash of insight hit me out of nowhere, and it fits so perfectly, I can’t believe I didn’t think about it before!

What is the insight?

It’s to link the book more closely to Dual, my work-in-progress where the main character ends up with two personalities (with opposing goals, of course :-))! Dual takes place in this cool desert city, which was represented by one of the pictures (in reality, the ancient monastery of Mar Saba, which is situated a bit differently from my city, but was the closest image I could find):

However, I have some plans already for a book to follow Dual, so I couldn’t quite see how to fit this new story in there. But here’s what’s so perfect–I can place Possession chronologically before Dual!

It seems to obvious and simple in hindsight, doesn’t it? 🙂

The best part is, the city is really put through the wringer before Dual starts. Those events are all necessary to setup the story, but don’t belong inside the book itself. In Possession, instead, they’ll be perfect to complicate the life of my poor characters further in their cat-and-mouse game.

Bonus is that since I haven’t actually completed the revisions of Dual, I have the chance to make follow-up changes should I need to, plus I’m still in time to publish the books in the new order–Possession, Dual, and the unnamed Zier #3. (That’s the name of my city, Zier. Do you like it?)

Time to celebrate with some raspberry chocolate!

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  1. Regina says:

    I love when these writing connections happen!

    Do you want more desert-y, fantasy visual inspiration? Go to YouTube or Google images or wherever you search and look for “Burning Man”. It’s an arts festival in the middle of the Black Rock Desert in Nevada where an entire city is built in the space of a week (well, some of the structures are built beforehand) and then everything is taken down (or burned) usually within a day.

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