Temple of rats


Note: “Possession” was the working title for Pawns of Zier.

I’m gobbling up anything desert-related lately as I’m soaking up atmosphere and inspiration for Possession, which takes place in my fictional desert-city of Zier. One thing I stumbled on is the Karni Mata temple in the Thar desert of India, filled with 20,000 holy rats!

Temple of Karni Mata Temple of Karni Mata. Image by dalbera.

Can you even imagine 20,000 rats in the same place? Rats may not be the most beloved of animals, but I have to admit these look pretty darn cute. See for yourself:

Rats at the temple. Rats at the temple. Image by Avinashmaurya.

There are a very few white ones, and catching sight of one is especially lucky!

Read more on the Wikipedia page.

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