Pawns of Zier

Desert sunset

Desert sunsetIt’s hard to believe that it’s more than three years since I started Possession, my desert fantasy novel about a dying woman who possesses a guard captain’s body in order to live on.

I’d thought to complete the revisions and editing about a year ago. *sigh* Granted, some stuff got in the way last year. For one thing, we moved, and for another, we remodeled. I’d figured the latter wouldn’t take much time and energy since we’d hired a contractor to do everything… and let me just pause here while everyone who’s ever remodeled finishes laughing. 😉 Yes, so not quite as stress-free as I’d hoped, but it’s done now at last.

And so, I’m happy to report, is Possession. It’s even got a real title!

I suck at titles, so to avoid coming up with any when I’m starting out, I use working titles of the most prosaic sort. If the book is about a possession, I call it “Possession”. If it’s about someone with dual personalities, I call it “Dual”.

But after much brainstorming I have now, ahem, asked my darling husband for inspiration and he came up with a shiny new title, which is also the title of this post: “Pawns of Zier”.

So, what do you think? Do you like it?

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