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I'm Sara Thorn, writer, reader, gamer, and chocolate-lover. I'm presently hard at work on Pawns of Zier, a dark fantasy novel about a dying woman who possesses a city guard captain's body in order to live on. Needless to say, he wants to keep his body for himself and problems ensue.

Hop over to the blog for news of Pawns of Zier and other musings (anyone else like board games? Check out my Top 5 board games for writers). I'm also on Facebook and Twitter, so if you're on either of those, look me up and say "hi".

Oh, and if you're wondering about the toons showing up all over the place, I had fun making them in my spare time. I enjoy dabbling in digital art, and you can find some work I did for the characters in Pawns of Zier here. Or look me up on DeviantArt if you like.

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Sara Thorn lives way up in the cold north, where she's warmed by her husband, hot chocolate and good novels. She loves writing because it's like reading, only better. By day she's a computer engineer, which means she spends two thirds of her waking time with her keyboard, be it typing in code or novels. Other than reading a lot, she likes to fiddle with computer games, drawing, knitting or anything that keeps her hands busy.


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Agony/Ecstacy Cover

A short story about a boxer with a troubled past and an ex-girlfriend who rouses every feeling he’s been trying to suppress. In a steamy encounter after a match, she pushes him–and herself–to come to terms with what it is they both really desire.

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Sara Thorn