Choose-your-own-adventure erotica

Image credit: arnau2098 / 123RF Stock Photo
Image credit: arnau2098 / 123RF Stock Photo

I’ve been following the news of the about-to-be-released choose-your-own adventure erotic novel with interest. Will it work?

Well, I for one am really curious! I have long been a fan of choose-your-own-adventure books. In fact, I’ve played a number of them together with my husband, especially Blood Sword, where you can control an entire party and we thus can have our own characters.

Of course the old-style choose-your-own adventure books were really unforgiving. I think we must have started the first Blood Sword book over some 30 times before we got through it (yes we always start over when we die—no cheating! :-)).

I don’t suppose there’s a chance you’ll die in this erotic adventure book, but I wonder if it’s possible to fail somehow? You don’t succeed in picking up any guy and go home alone? You pick up a dud? I suspect there won’t be any dice to roll… You know, the roll-against-dexterity-or-fall-off-the-bridge, type? Although here it might be roll-against-dexterity-or-break-the-condom, maybe?

Will it be a mix of game-geek nerdiness and erotic romance?

I for one hope so!

I suppose, however, that rolling dice and what not isn’t particularly erotic…

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