Possession at 1/4 mark

Colorful scarfs

Note: “Possession” was the working title for Pawns of Zier.

Colorful scarfs
Pretty scarfs like these come in handy when Ehna starts sacrificing bits of herself to take over Idh’s body…
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I started writing the first draft of Possession last Monday and so far, I’m having a blast. 🙂

The desert city has fallen, much to the dismay of Idh, my guard captain hero who’s tasked with keeping order. Worse, he apparently blacked out and nearly flogged one of his men to death. Meanwhile, Ehna, ill and dying, is rejoicing in the success of taking over his body twice now, even if the “compatible body” did turn out to be a guy, and a soldier to boot.

Now, of course, things are going to get worse. Someone has discovered the truth and will blackmail Ehna, and it’s going to create a whole lot of trouble for Idh, who’s just joined the Resistance…

(Yes, you have to heap troubles on your characters. If they’re all happily getting on with their lives, you’d be bored in no time! But look on the bright side–this way we can see what they’re really made of.)

I’m following my outline, and I’m happy to report furious writing this past week. As a result, Possession is now past 25,000 words, or roughly a quarter of the way through. I was pleasantly surprised that with a few tweaks, I could actually re-use some of the experimental scenes I’d already written, which made up about 10,000 of those words.

I am, *gasp* at the End of the Beginning! Next up is the Dreaded Middle, though in my case I’m more dreading the ending, because I haven’t planned it yet. But the unknown keeps me motivated! 🙂

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