When writing is like parachuting

Creepy eye

Note: “Possession” was the working title for Pawns of Zier.

Creepy eye
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I’m a pantser, or organic writer, which means I throw myself into each new book without an outline or a plan, just the kernel of an idea. Basically, I throw myself out of the plane and hope there’ll be a parachute.

Except the stakes are a trifle smaller. 😉

For the book itself though, this is truly a matter of life and death. Is the basic idea and characters good enough to sustain an entire novel? Or will my interest peter out and the book die a slow death?

The first draft can be a great rush, seeing the story unfold in amazing and unanticipated ways, but it’s also full of doubt for me–am I taking the story in the right direction, or going off towards a dead end? One can often masquerade as the other.

Revision, on the other hand, is great in that I know what I want to accomplish with the book by then. On the flip side, I often get frustrated with how long it takes to get there, whereas the first draft feels quick and exciting.

All stages of writing have their ups and downs, I suppose. Right now, I’ve just begun the first draft of Possession, which means I’m at the point I know the least, and have the farthest to go. But also the most fun stuff to discover. 🙂

Writers, do you have a favorite part of the process?

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