Stepping into a book

Bookworm reading with familiar

Bookworm reading with familiarDo you ever wish you could spend time inside your favorite books? Step into that other world for real, and meet all your favorite characters?

I’ve recently come to the conclusion that no, I wouldn’t. The books I love to read tend to be jam-packed with conflict. I don’t want to flee through mosquito-ridden forests, fight enemies with my bare hands, or watch my best friends die!

Perhaps the neatest thing would be to step into a book once it’s done. Sort of at the epilogue stage? All that nasty conflict done away with, and plenty of time to sit down for a cup of cocoa and a chat. Talk about the characters’ adventures and their plans for the future.

Of course, books aren’t only filled with awful things happening, there’s also adventure, love and fun stuff. But I think I’d rather live through it vicariously by reading. That way, I get the good bits, but can avoid the dirt, pain and suffering. Live the adventure, skip the mosquitoes!

Perhaps that ought to be my author tagline. 😉

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